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To proceed you will need a sturdy pair of sandals, a sword and possibly a horse. If you haven't got the last two yet, don't panic - you're sure to find them somewhere on this site. Follow the links below to find out more.



Win a signed copy of Book 4 of the Pendragon Legacy in the




~~ New ebook series for young readers ~~


Alexander the Great's warhorse Bucephalas doesn't do things by halves.

This ten book serial covers the complete text of the original best-selling novel "I am the Great Horse" in self-contained episodes with historical anecdotes at the end of each chapter and colour illustrations.

Each title contains a bonus story written by one of the other horses in Bucephalas' herd.

Start collecting this series now.


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Visit the Great Horse Serial page for more details.



~~ Read all four PENDRAGON LEGACY books? ~~


An epic four-book series for all young knights and warrior princesses.

Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook from Templar.

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