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Welcome to my realm! To proceed you will need a sturdy pair of sandals, a sword and possibly a horse. If you haven't got the last two yet, don't panic - you're sure to find them somewhere on this site!



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On 24th October, Natalie sees a spell floating in a puddle near the recycling bins at her local supermarket. The spell is bait in a trap laid for her by the evil spellcaster Lord Hawk, who wants Natalie to be the 13th member of his coven for an attack on the enchanted realm of Earthaven when the boundary between worlds opens at Halloween...See more about this book.


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Meet King Arthur's daughter... Rhianna Pendragon!

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New for fans of Alexander the Great


This ten book serial presents the original epic novel "I am the Great Horse" in bite-sized episodes for pocket-money prices, with historical anecdotes at the end of each chapter and bonus stories written by the other horses in Bucephalas' herd.

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