My books are listed here in rough order of maturity, ranging from those suitable for readers aged 9+ to titles such as 'I am the Great Horse' enjoyed by all generations. Books with 'A' in the middle of my name are intended for my older fans. Click on a cover or use the drop down menu to find out more.


Meet King Arthur's daughter and her friends in the Pendragon Legacy quartet and join the quest to save Camelot from the dark knight.

Follow Natalie into the enchanted world of Earthaven when the boundary opens at Halloween. 


Enjoy seven magical adventures in the ancient world with the Seven Fabulous Wonders series. 

Enter a world ruled by magical songs in the award-winning Echorium Sequence. 

Ride into battle with Alexander the Great in this epic novel straight from the horse's mouth
I am the Great Horse. 



Discover the Legend of Genghis Khan in this trilogy of novellas for older readers.


Enjoy some of my shorter stories in this series of book-length collections Ampersand Tales.